The Art of Creativity
Exploring the philosophical & practical issues of creativity

Produced and directed by award winning filmmaker Jim Wooden. "Jim's videos are works of art in themselves," says the editor of Forth Magazine. His fresh new documentary look has been called, "ART:21 with a twist and shout."  The series, consisting of 10-minute DVDs with study guides is a simple yet powerful way for educators to inject creative energy into today's budget-threatened and greatly diminished art curriculum.

Filmmaker on      The State of Creativity

"I was interested in creating a new video style. The documentary structure has basically been the same for the past 40 years, narration and B-roll . . . It's intention has been to inform. My intention, like the artists I video, is to transform and awaken. I want my videos to be an experience, much like looking at a work of art should be an experience."  ~ Jim Wooden
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         Entering the Artist's world  

" Mr. Wooden's videos are a fresh infusion into today's Art Marketplace"

The  artist receives licensed rights to use the documentary as a powerful marketing tool.

A. Increase sales of Art
1. Emotionally connects buyer to Art
2. Reminds buyer of Arts power and importance
3.  Understanding process of artist opens up buyer to whole collection not just a                           single piece
B. Increase value of Artist
1. Substantiates and elevates importance of artist---A documentary about them!
2. Witness the artist's talents
3. Increase like ability of artist
C. Increase reputation of Gallery
1.Shows commitment to artists
2. Shows commitment to Art, education and enjoyment.
3. Shows gallery's innovation and uniqueness